November 16, 2021

BBB alert: Beware of hotel scams




ATLANTA–Are you planning to stay in a hotel soon? Keep your personal information protected since tourist and business travelers are often considered the easiest targets. Hotels provide scammers an easy path towards their goal of trying to separate a traveler from their cash.

Here are five common hotel scams to be aware of:

Fake Website
When making online hotel reservations, make sure the website is legitimate. Scammers are famous for creating look-alike web pages to lure consumers into providing credit card information.

The American Hotel and Lodging Association is a BBB National Partner. They provided some tips to follow before booking a hotel room.

Fake Food Delivery
Make sure the menus left in the hotel room are authentic. Dining-in can feel like a tempting option, especially after a day of traveling or exploration, but you could end up ordering from a restaurant that doesn’t even exist.

Scammers will…

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