November 17, 2021

BBB Issues Warnings About Travel Scams Ahead Of Summer Season

Summer is finally here and vacationers can finally take advantage of the easing of pandemic restrictions.

However, travelers need to be beware of scammers.

The Better Business Bureau said nearly every country, state, and city have different pandemic guidelines.

It’s crucial vacationers read the fine print before booking their travel.

Alison Abbott with the BBB said deals that seem too good to be true, often are.

She recommends to not wire money.

“People that you are visiting with aren’t asking for a prepaid gift-card or wire money. That’s typically a tell-tale sign of a rental scam,” she said.

Abbott said it is best to use a licensing or travel agency when booking a destination spot.

“Make sure you sure you find them on Google Maps. If you can’t find them on Google Maps, that may be a tell-tale sign that they do not exist in the physical world,” she said.

Check those travel…

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