November 17, 2021

$$$ BBB Scam Alert: $$$: False promises as eviction moratorium nears end |

The Biden Administration may have extended the eviction moratorium through October 3, but that doesn’t mean scammers have postponed their tricks. Con artists often take advantage of the confusion and stress surrounding major events. With millions in the United States behind on their rent, the moratorium’s end is a perfect hook.

How the Scam Works

As the eviction moratorium winds down, watch out for scammers offering loans, peddling credit repair services, or promoting government programs. These cons are a way to trick desperate people out of money they don’t have.

For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, BBB Scam Tracker has seen numerous reports of phony “pandemic relief” grants or government programs that allegedly provide funding to people impacted by the pandemic. Once you…

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