July 31, 2021

BBB: Scammers may take advantage of upcoming child tax credit payments

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) ─ With the advance child tax credit rollout beginning relatively soon, the Better Business Bureau is warning everyone to watch out for IRS impostors.

BBB’s Paula Fleming tells 12 News scammers have been capitalizing on the influx of federal support programs being offered as the country rebounds from the pandemic.

“Criminals have seen the various federal support programs as potential goldmines and have attempted to defraud vulnerable Americans out of their money,” Fleming said.

Under the American Rescue Plan, eligible parents can receive set payments of up to 50% of next year’s child tax credit in advance. The IRS plans to begin sending those payments out starting next week.

Fleming said it’s important to note that the IRS will not call, text or email you looking for personal or financial information. She said the BBB has already received reports that people have been contacted…

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