September 16, 2021

BBB warns of recently reported QR code scams

Predictably, scammers are finding ways to take advantage of the use of QR codes in the modern marketplace. QR codes (quick response codes) seem to be everywhere now. Looking like tiny pieces of abstract art, the dotted little squares of computer codes are found on transportation tickets, advertisements, in-store product labels and entertainment tickets. They are useful for such purposes as tracking packages and viewing menus. When scanned easily by cellphones, QR codes instantly direct consumers to websites or other applications. 

As a form of touchless transactions, they have proliferated during the pandemic. Unfortunately, with that proliferation comes an uptick in scammers who have latched onto the QR code as a means for directing your private information and your money into scammers’ hands. Your Better Business Bureau (BBB) is receiving reports of such scams and offers the…

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