September 19, 2021

Be aware of a new scam using QR codes warns the National Police

Be aware of a new scam using QR codes.
image: policia nacional

The National Police in Malaga are asking the public to be aware of the latest scam that uses QR codes to steal your info

Malaga Provincial Police Station is warning the public about a new type of fraud that cybercriminals are now committing using QR codes, and in a statement issued, they want the entire population to be aware of the protection measures that can be taken, as they explain, since the pandemic, “citizens have changed their habits, and its consequences are having an impact not only on the daily life of the population but also on different activities that they carry out through the use of technologies”.

They have pointed out that when people go out anywhere, it is becoming more common to have to check prices gyms, restaurants, cinemas, shops, platforms – by scanning the QR code provided, created with the aim of enabling their…

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