July 31, 2021

Ben and Jerry’s came late to the ice cream party – opinion

The “Independent Board” of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream has announced they are planning to boycott the 800,000 Jews who live in Judea and Samaria, a region where approximately 140 Jewish communities now exist. The Jewish world is abuzz and inflamed over the pure antisemitism manifested by the recent announcement. For example, Ben and Jerry’s sells in China and in other grievously torturous societies throughout the globe. Only Israel is marked for their hate and boycott.

The response in the Jewish world has been furious and rapid. Jewish food markets on America’s East Coast have removed the company’s products from their freezers, and at least one modest general-purpose supermarket chain also has taken action, reducing their stock of Ben and Jerry’s products by 70%. Thousands have signed petitions to boycott Ben and Jerry’s, and legal action now is afoot in…

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