September 17, 2021
Real Estate

Berkshire County real estate transactions for Aug. 23-28 | Real-estate


Trifecta Properties LLC sold property at 10-12 Mill St., Adams, to Alenda Baugh-Zelazo, $130,000.

Caren Lee Les and Harriett R. Bator, trustees of the Francis T. Bator and Harriette R. Bator Trust Agreement, sold property at 15 Forest Park Ave., Adams, to Denise M. Fortier and Dana A. Vandesteene, $250,000.

Real Estate Investments Northeast LLC sold property at 11 Jordan St., Adams, to Roger and Sally Siciliano, $134,900.

John E. Midura and Dan L. Frank sold property at 42 Burt St., Adams, to Viet Nam Pham and Kim Do, $210,000.

Sean F. Anderson and Shannon C. Larochelle sold property at 0 East Hoosac St., Adams, to Jennifer and Joseph Rogge, $85,400.

Rebecca McKeever sold property at 3 Crandall St., Adams, to Abraham Jimenez Fernandez and Stephanie H….

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