October 19, 2021

Best of BS Opinion: Distant thunder in world economy, rocket rupee & more

The focus shifts to the Uddalok Bhattacharya sums up

It does feel like we are close to the end of the rupee’s rally, says Jamal Mecklai

Ajay Shah writes: Once the restoration of normalcy is completed, the question of developed market (DM) inflation will become more pressing.

When DM interest rates start rising, this will impinge on capital flows and asset prices in India, and present policy makers with a puzzle.

Since the April policy, the macro-economic scenario has turned worse, says Tamal Bandyopadhyay. We can take it for granted the RBI will maintain its accommodating monetary stance.


This is not the time to meddle in politics when we are caught in a storm … if you (Centre) continue fighting in mid-sea, you will sink and we (states) will sink (too). Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant…

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