September 24, 2021

Better Business Bureau warns of Venmo ‘fake friend’ scam

The next time you send money to a friend on Venmo[送信]You may not want to click. According to BetterBusinessBureau, the person may not actually be a friend. “We help and don’t check very quickly, but take a moment and take a breath,” said David Wheeler. Wheeler is Vice President of BBB in Central Florida. He said that by demanding money, false friends are increasing in Venmo to deceive real people. He said the scammers grabbed people’s photos and spoofed their real accounts by slightly changing their usernames. “Look closely at the name,” Wheeler said. “If it’s lost or numbered like a letter, you may have stolen someone else’s identity with that cash app. Be careful not to send money.” To avoid fraud Wheeler said he needed to send a text message or reconfirm a payment request from a friend over the phone. He said the scammers are looking at people’s…

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