October 20, 2021

Beware the many lies scammers spin to dupe you out of your money

By Murphy Nganga 3h ago

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Cape Town – Scammer and hackers are widening their techniques in manipulating and defrauding vulnerable people each day.

Private investigator Willem van Romburgh said fraud through email spoofing and phishing is costing South African business owners millions daily.

“Most perpetrators are professional scammers and extremely difficult to catch. Even when they are successfully traced, recovering the money is close to impossible. Investigations have revealed that bank employees often simply don’t care and shockingly, in some instances, their employees are in on the scams,” Van Romburgh said.

The South African Banking Risk Information Centre’s (Sabric) chief executive Nischal Mewalall said criminals are opportunistic and will exploit any situation to make money.

“Criminals do this in several ways, one of…

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