October 19, 2021

BEYOND LOCAL: Empowering older adults to become comfortable with technology


The following article, written by Rachelle Patille, Simon Fraser University; Atiya Mahmood, Simon Fraser University, and Priscilla Ruth Chyrva, Simon Fraser University originally appeared on the Conversation and is published here with permission.

Living in a technology dependent world means we all want to stay connected, regardless of age. And the COVID-19 pandemic was a major catalyst for increasing our technological dependence.

It became normal to do weekly online grocery shops, attend doctors’ appointments or work via Zoom and FaceTime family and friends. The reality is however, that not everyone is fortunate enough to have access to the technological devices or skills to operate in our online world — some of the most impacted by this are older adults.

This magnified the pandemic for them, especially in terms of isolation. Older adults were left without…

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