November 17, 2021
General News

Biden says NATO must protect against ‘phony populism’

“We have to root out corruption that siphons off our strength, guard against those who would stoke hatred and division for political gain as phony populism, invest in strengthening institutions that underpin and safeguard our cherished democratic values,” he said, adding later: “That’s how we’ll prove that democracy and that our alliance can still prevail against the challenges of our time and deliver for the needs and the needs of our people.”

Biden struck the tough tone as he spoke with reporters in Brussels, Belgium, following his first NATO summit, seeking to return the defense alliance’s faith in American leadership. The comments also come ahead of his talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, for which he is intensely preparing, according to officials.
Biden specifically referred to his predecessor’s politics as part of a trend of “phony populism,” telling reporters that he’s…

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