June 22, 2021

Biden wants to bring the economy from relief to recovery. A labor shortage may signal trouble for those plans.

“We went from 92 hours to 55 hours a week,” said Eisenbraun, who opened the brewery and restaurant in 2015 with her husband, after a decade of planning. “It’s a tough business model right now to be closed during those hours.”

“We’re trying everything we can,” Eisenbraun said. “There’s just not the people out there right now.”

From Washington Township, which sits less than an hour’s drive north of Detroit, the hiring challenges are a critical piece of the complicated economic puzzle facing the Biden administration. It’s a stark warning sign here in Michigan and across the nation, but one that White House officials argue helps make the case for their sweeping economic proposals.

It’s an open question whether the economic speed bumps — from a labor crunch to rising prices in the grocery store and at the gas pump — signal a short-term headache or a long-term challenge for the President.

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