November 15, 2021
Real Estate

BiggerPockets Star Brandon Turner’s Rise

Welcome back to Insider Weekly! I’m Matt Turner, a co-EIC of business at Insider.

Not many of us get to popularize an acronym of our own making. 

But the real-estate influencer Brandon Turner has done just that with BRRRR, which stands for buy, rehabilitate, rent, refinance, and repeat. It’s a phrase he says often on his podcasts, as he counsels his listeners on how to achieve financial independence through buying homes and renting them out for passive income.

As Daniel Geiger reported this week, there’s a lot more to Turner than BRRRR and BiggerPockets, the real-estate media company that produces his podcast and where he’s a shareholder. He’s raised millions of dollars from his fans to invest in real estate, charging them hefty fees and sinking most of…

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