October 20, 2021
General News

Biting the SCO bullet to re-enter Afghan game : The Tribune India

Sandeep Dikshit

Deputy Editor

A tectonic shift in regional geopolitics took place last week and India, still recovering from getting blindsided in Afghanistan, will need to quickly swing with it.

For a US ally whose each and every past transgression was paternalistically condoned, Saudi Arabia appears to be caught in Washington’s crosshairs. There is increasing chatter in the Arab Street that Saudi Arabia will be the next ‘enemy of the nation’ in the eyes of the American media and the ruling Democrats.

Ever since King Abdul Aziz secretly met US President Franklin Roosevelt in the middle of Lakse Bitter on the Suez Canal 75 years ago, Washington has sometimes harrumphed at Saudi repression or external transgression. But the kind of framing underway of the Saudi State for its…

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