October 20, 2021
Real Estate

Black Real Estate Agent and Clients Handcuffed at House Viewing

The house on Sharon Avenue in Wyoming, Mich., was supposed to be another option for Eric Brown, a real estate agent, to show to his client.

Instead, the visit to the property became one of the most traumatic experiences for Mr. Brown and his client, Roy Thorne, who are Black, after the police converged on the house during the showing on Aug. 1, they said in interviews on Sunday.

Mr. Brown and Mr. Thorne were looking around upstairs when Mr. Thorne’s 15-year-old son, Samuel Thorne, sprinted up to them from the first floor and said there were “a lot of police officers outside,” said Mr. Brown, 46.

That’s when Mr. Thorne, 45, looked out a window and saw a police officer with a gun drawn, hiding behind a tree, Mr. Brown said. Mr. Thorne called out to the officer, who pointed a gun at him, both men said.

The officer instructed the two men and the teenager to come downstairs and out…

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