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Blackpink Breaks An Important Tie With BTS On YouTube

Just a few days ago, BTS scored a major win on YouTube, and in doing so, tied another one of the biggest and most successful groups from their home country of South Korea. Now, less than a month later, the band the septet matched has advanced once again, breaking that tie.

Blackpink’s music video for their single “As If It’s Your Last” just hit one billion plays on YouTube only a short time ago, giving the quartet another entrant inside the still-exclusive billion-view club. With one more title finally reaching that special milestone, the girl group has broken out of a tie with the boy band yet again.

“As If It’s Your Last” is Blackpink’s fourth music visual to hit one billion views on YouTube, and now they stand out as the South Korean musical act with the most such wins on the video hosting platform.

Earlier this month, BTS tied Blackpink for the most videos among South Korean musicians with one billion plays on YouTube when their brightly-hued “Dynamite” upload reached that coveted mark. The global hit joined with “DNA” and “Boy with Luv” (which features American pop singer Halsey) in the billion-view club, and at the time, Blackpink also claimed a trio of wins.

“As If It’s Your Last” joins fellow Blackpink videos “DDU-DU DDU-DU,” “Kill This Love” and “Boombayah” with one billion views.

At the moment, it looks like before Blackpink can earn their fifth clip with one billion plays on the platform, BTS will collect a fourth, and perhaps a fifth, tying the girl group (and maybe even passing them) once again. The seven-member outfit’s visuals that accompany their singles “Mic Drop” (the Steve Aoki remix) and “Fake Love” have both passed 900 million streams, so it may only be a matter of months before this ranking changes slightly once again.

Blackpink and BTS both rank among the most successful groups of any kind in the music business right now, and they are two of the biggest names in the South Korean industry, so it’s not surprising that their performance on YouTube is so similar in this regard.