October 19, 2021

BNN summary of the week: Victories in Tokyo. Punished construction cartel. Migration crisis – Baltic News Network

This week Latvia continue following the accomplishments of its athletes at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games. Weightlifter Artūrs Plēsnieks won a bronze medal for Latvia in his third Olympic Games.

Finally residents were able to breathe a sigh of relief when Latvia’s Saeima removed the planned vaccination lottery idea from the agenda, since it was already crystal clear most factions would vote against this legislative draft.

Deputies voiced objections for enormous costs and expected results, which are expected non-existent, since other countries that did that did not show any tangible improvements with Covid-19 vaccination coverage.

Meanwhile, the situation on the Lithuania-Belarusian border continues escalating. People cross Belarus to enter Lithuania, where they are detained by the State Border Guard and later forced to return to their country of origin.

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