October 20, 2021
General News

Book Review: The Road to Balance in Asia Pacific

One of the defining factors of twenty-first-century world politics is the yin-yang philosophy of China-US relations. This unique coupling in the political, economic, and security-military spheres can make or break the global order, explains the NUST scholar Dr. Atia Ali Kazmi in her insightful book, The Road to Balance in the Asia Pacific: Geopolitics of American Rebalancing and Chinese Belt and Road Initiative.

Through the medium of objective historical parallels and contemporary developments, her well-detailed and deeply contextualized work shows how the United States and China are proceeding in the region while keeping a keen eye on their self-interest.

Stressing that conflict or competition is not a rational choice, the book methodically brings forth the evolving dynamics of Sino-American relations in the backdrop of their new century ambitions in the Asia Pacific. Stability in…

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