November 17, 2021
General News

Boris Johnson will finally tell the world what post-Brexit Britain is for

Now, Johnson has a truly golden opportunity to write chapter one in the story of post-Brexit Britain’s return to the international community as a champion of the liberal democratic world and protector of Western values.

British government officials couldn’t be happier that such a high profile event is being held on their soil at the precise moment that global leadership is needed to steer the recovery from the worst international crisis since the Second World War.

The central message of Johnson’s policy priorities couldn’t be clearer. “We will use our G7 Presidency to fight and build back better from coronavirus,” the UK government says. This means an ambitious, optimistic drive for democratic, wealthy nations to rebuild the global community in a way that doesn’t leave poorer nations behind.

Johnson’s team doesn’t seem to be looking for headline-grabbing policies or vague communiques…

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