July 31, 2021
General News

Boulder Reservoir; religion and politics; transportation

Kim Bixel: Boulder Reservoir: Uphold our collective values

As follow-up to Neil Anderson’s July 13 Guest Opinion“Real issues at the ‘Rez’ “, here are desires to convey to city management with hope they decide to uphold our community’s stated collective values at the Boulder Reservoir.

Honor our climate goals. Staff recently championed our Climate Mobilization Action Plan. We are “recognized as a global leader on environmental action and transparency…”. Where is data showing the impact of promoting thousands of new destination vehicle trips to the reservoir after hours for new nighttime events? How is this consistent with climate goals versus promoting gatherings in our downtown area that we developed for decades, serviced by existing public transportation systems?

Protect our citizen’s safety. Is promoting new vehicle activity (inebriated) on a county road filled…

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