November 17, 2021

BRAINSTORMING: Visit our local farmers markets for fresh treats and homemade goods | Opinion

There is nothing better in the summer than a good tomato sandwich. It has to be made the right way though – with soft, white loaf bread; real mayonnaise; a little salt; and of course a fresh, red, homegrown tomato.

I’m growing a garden so I can have some really good tomatoes for my sandwiches, but my tomatoes are still little and green and probably will not be red for a few more weeks.

What will I do until they are ripe? Visit one of our local farmers markets of course. Many more experienced gardeners than I, who planted their tomatoes early in the season, are willing to share with their neighbors at these markets.  Ripley Farmer’s Market is starts Saturday and Benton County’s market started today.  These markets are great places to find homegrown…

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