November 14, 2021

Brazos Valley musician warns of overpayment scams — Scam Guards

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) – For musicians and singers, receiving a request from a fan to compose or perform a custom song is nothing new. What sounded like music to Ashley Morgan’s ears almost cost her thousands.

When a person reached out to Morgan on Instagram, offering her $500 to write a custom happy birthday song for his son, who was turning five in the next few days, she was excited. Morgan saw this as an opportunity to make money and brighten the day of a child. She says she and the father came to an agreement, and he was going to send Morgan a $300 down payment and the rest of the balance when the song was completed. Soon what seemed like a normal transaction was becoming more and more suspicious to Morgan.

“Then he said that he would have to send a check from his business account and that it would be through email. I didn’t think that that was any problem,” said Morgan. “Then he said that they accidentally…

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