November 14, 2021

Bristol woman’s warning after nearly losing thousands in dating scam

A woman from Bristol who was almost tricked out of thousands of pounds from an online dating scam is warning others of her experiences.

After years of being single, Regina Britto joined an online dating website to find a partner.

She started started speaking with a man called Fred, but it wasn’t long before she became suspicious of his intentions.

She said: “There were moments where I started to wonder what’s going on here?

“For example, why aren’t we using WhatsApp video? But then he had a reason why so I though, ‘okay’.

“He was making declarations of love and I thought – this is a bit weird, why is he making declarations when we’ve not even met?”

Regina says Fred then asked her to leave the dating site and to communicate via WhatsApp, which is a tactic commonly used by fraudsters.

She says he then started to ask for her money.

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