October 20, 2021
Online Scam

British Actor Conned out of €7,000 in Online Scam

Everyone can fall victim to an online scam and as you’ll find out from the story of a British actor, famous people are no exception. The man who is playing Fr Liam Plunkett’s role in the popular soap Fair City reported having been scammed out of €7,000. Discover his story and learn more about how you can avoid falling for similar tricks.

Phelim Drew, aka Fr Liam Plunkett in the British series fair City, was getting ready to spend the summer holiday roaming the country, and to do this, he decided to buy a caravan ahead of the warm season. The first thing he did, which is something most of us would nowadays think of before purchasing any type of good, was to search online for a suitable option. This is how it all began.

Phelim came across a website that seemed legit and professional and was called M.J. Caravan Sales Ltd. According to the information the man could find online about this company, M.J. Caravan Sales Ltd. claimed it was located in Tamworth, Staffordshire, UK. There were no red flags that could have warned the actor that the website was actually fake, and its only purpose was to prey on people’s hard-earned money. Just like any other site in its niche, M.J. Caravan Sales Ltd. also presented its offering with a few useful details on the type of caravans it offered and photos that showcased their portfolio.

Lured by what he saw and read, and the price tag those caravans had, Phelim Drew decided to buy one. To do this, the actor even got a loan in order to pay the due amount for the vehicle. After the money was transferred to the scammer’s wallet, and the man was waiting to get his much-desired caravan, there was no more news from the seller. The actor waited and then reached out to the support staff repeatedly until he finally realized he got scammed. The fake caravan website managed to drain €7,000 from Phelim Drew’s pocket.

Unfortunately, the actor and his family started their staycation on the wrong foot despite looking forward to it in the beginning. The actor confessed that he had been camping for years with his family and getting a caravan was the next goal they wanted to reach so they could easily engage in their passion. Since he was aware of how common scams are in his country, the actor said that he was actually eager to buy a caravan from a foreign company hoping it would be more trustworthy. Unfortunately, this was not the case with M.J. Caravan Sales Ltd.

Phelim Drew confessed that he never taught the website was nothing but a scam. He exchanged multiple emails with the company’s staff, and everything seemed normal and the people he talked to seemed truly professional.

At the moment, the actor is keeping in touch with the English police who are trying to track down the scammers and retrieve the stolen money. Additionally, he is also in contact with his bank and the German bank where he transferred money for the promised caravan. Finally, Phelim’s conclusion was that since the whole scam was so polished and it all looked so good and felt so professional, this is what people should watch out for as that’s what fooled him.

If you are also looking forward to making a significant purchase online, here are a few tips to help you steer clear of similar online scams:

  • Try to avoid ‘no name’ companies you can’t find any other information about, except for what is written on their website.
  • Avoid websites that have very little information about their terms and conditions, especially the refund and cancellation conditions, or their privacy policies.
  • If there is no physical address on the website and limited contact details, you might want to steer clear.
  • If the company claims they have been selling products for years to myriad clients, but there are absolutely no reviews online about their service, this is a red flag.

If most of the reviews you can find online about a company are negative, especially if people complain they paid and haven’t received their products, avoid that seller.