July 27, 2021
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Budapest, Beijing, Brussels and beyond: A conversation on Viktor Orbán’s China policy – New Eastern Europe

As China explores new strategic opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe, Hungary’s Viktor Orbán seeks his own advantages from the partnership. Despite the many limitations and lack of public support for closer Sino-Hungarian ties, threatening Brussels with the Chinese dragon yields some results.

July 20, 2021 –
Meghan Poff

Articles and Commentary

A Chinese flag on the Chain Bridge in Budapest as part of the 16+1 conference with China and all the other 16 Central and Eastern European Countries. Photo: Studio Criekemans / Shutterstock

In what seems like only the latest in a series of moves and countermoves, the Hungarian Parliament recently approved a proposal to donate state land to the future site of Fudan University’s Budapest campus. The controversial project has sparked outrage in recent weeks…

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