July 28, 2021

Building in Turmoil: With Several Safety Violations and No Money to Fix them, Tensions Rise Among Neighbors in Miami Beach Building

The Harding Hall condominium in Miami Beach’s North Beach community is more than three years overdue on its 50-year recertification process. Since April 2019 the City has issued violation notices related to the lack of progress on the recertification and, more recently, with regard to structural and electrical issues. This week, the Building Department ordered Harding Hall’s balconies sealed off.

A look at City notices, engineers’ reports, Association records, and individual emails paints a portrait of a building dynamic that is very similar to that within the Champlain Towers South which collapsed on June 24, leaving 97 dead. 

To be clear, no one has said Harding Hall is in danger but what is emerging is another case of owner infighting, frequent board and management company turnover, nearly $3M in estimated repairs and, with zero reserves, the inability to finance them. Meanwhile, conditions in the building…

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