July 27, 2021

Business Pulse – Another Dollar General may be coming

It’s kind of humorous really.

We all complain about having 147 or so Dollar Generals in Warren County, yet we’re all eager to have just one more.

For the record, my unofficial count has us at 12 Dollar General stores. So why not 13?

The wild rumor that’s circulating is that a new Dollar General is in the works on Smithville Highway not far from Delores Market. The Dollar General would be on the same side of the highway as Delores about a half mile toward town on land recently purchased by home builder Connan Jones.

I called Connan for a comment on Friday, but it being Fourth of July weekend and all, he wasn’t able to get back to me. That just opens the door for me to speculate and my speculation can be right on occasion.

According to property tax records, Connan purchased 9.5 acres along Smithville Highway. The back portion of that property has been divided into tracts, which…

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