June 20, 2021

Business rates rats RVA Surveyors condemned as “carpetbaggers and parasites”

Not many firms are so notorious that they warrant their own debate in Parliament, but RVA Surveyors of Manchester achieved just that.

I’ve repeatedly exposed this lot for ripping off small traders by saying they can cut their business rates bills, then charging extortionate commission for minimal work and suing victims who refuse to pay.

What victims are not told by RVA, run by 56-year-old Stephan Hughes, is that they are automatically entitled to the rates relief provided by the Government to help struggling high-street shops and cope with the pandemic.

The debate was initiated by Conservative MP Kevin Hollinrake and won cross-party support.

He set out how many RVA exploits that fact that many small businesses don’t know how easy it is to apply to rates relief, tricking them into signing contracts that mean RVA will pocket around half the relief in fees.

“I think it’s safe…

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