September 28, 2021
Real Estate

Buyer believes inspector missed HVAC problem

Ilyce Glink and Samuel J. Tamkin

Q: I purchased a home in June. My real estate agent hired an inspector and collected a fee from my husband and me. The inspector wrote an inspection report that minor problems were showing. I paid a second fee for him to return after the owners repaired the problems to ensure that everything was in great shape.

We closed and moved into the home. The very day we moved into the house, water started leaking from the ceiling and the HVAC system malfunctioned. We had an independent HVAC company come out to assess the problem. The temperature in the house was over 100 degrees and we have two toddlers. He stated that there was an obvious preexisting condition that anyone should have been able to identify. This would especially be true for a home inspector.

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