October 20, 2021

Cadbury scam: Warning over online scam offering free chocolate – ‘never click’

The scam has been posted on social media and it claims to be from Cadbury’s, offering customers a free hamper or gift box to anyone who comments and shares the post. Claiming to be in celebration of the company’s 147th corporate anniversary, chocolate lovers are being urged not to click on it.

One person said: “I got blocked for trying to warn people about the scam. It has more than 50,000 interactions and they go by ‘Cadbury Word’ on Facebook. It is a scam.”

Another wrote: “There is a scam pretending to be a giveaway circulating on Facebook

“Please do not give away any of your personal information, the Cadbury post circulating is a scam, be careful,” tweeted a third person.

Express.co.uk has contacted Cadbury for comment on the issue.

Attila Tomaschek, Digital Privacy Expert at ProPrivacy, warned people about the scam.

The expert said: “Scammers are attempting to capitalise on people’s sweet tooth by deploying…

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