November 17, 2021

Caldwell Sheriff’s Office Says Scammers Are Continuing To Target Citizens

Scammers are once again calling residents claiming to be deputies with the Caldwell County Sheriffs Office. The caller is using different reasons saying the resident has to buy a money card to pay the scammer to keep from going to jail. A name that the callers have been using recently is Lieutenant Greene.

This is the second recent report from the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office regarding these scam calls. The last report, filed in April, and reported on WHKY, stated that the intended victims received phone calls from people claiming to be deputies with the Sheriff’s Office.

The callers in these incidents say that the citizen has a warrant in their name for failure to appear, or they owe money, among other threats. To keep from being arrested, the scammer tells the citizen that the recipient of the call has to go to Walgreens or another store and buy money cards. The citizen gives the scammer the number off the back of the…

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