October 19, 2021

Campaign to raise awareness about online scams

THE public has been urged to be more aware of the modus operandi of online forgery and scams.

Penang MCA chairman Datuk Tan Teik Cheng said it was necessary for people to raise their awareness on prevention and not take it easily.

He said although street crimes and criminal cases had declined markedly while the population stayed home during the Covid-19 outbreak, fraud cases had risen sharply.

“According to data released by the police, the outbreak in the past year has contributed to the rise in fraud cases.

“From 2017 to June 20 this year, the police received 21,011 cases of online shopping fraud, followed by non-existent loans (21,008 cases), Macau scams (9,161 cases), love scams (7,873 cases), investment scams (6,273 cases) and business email hacked (226 cases),” he said in an online forum…

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