November 17, 2021
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Can A Low Energy Smart Bulb Help Consumers Make Smarter Energy Choices?

On the heels of Earth Day, National Grid in the UK released new research showing that 38% of UK adults feel worry about the future of the planet and feel a sense of hopelessness about climate change.

This data was juxtaposed alongside data that also indicated that 42% of Britons think that only only 10% of the UK’s electricity is supplied by zero and low carbon energy sources when the actual figure is 80%.

According to the National Grid survey, half said they would feel more hopeful if they understood the steps Britain was taking towards reaching net zero and two out of five five said the want to know the best time ofday to use clean electricity

According to Duncan Burt, COP26 Director for National Grid Group, the company as launched Green Light Signal which is a new low-energy smart bulb that shows people the cleanest times to use electricity.

The smart bulb is powered by National Grid’s carbon intensity API that is a forecasting tool with a regional breakdown, The API was built by National Grid ESO, World Wildlife Foundation, The University of Oxford and The European Defence Fund.

Bart says smart bulb is part of ther initiative to engage the public on how people can make informed choices regarding their energy usage and to raise awareness on the progress that is being made to cut carbon emissions from the electricity system.

“Our research found that 70% of Brits believe that individual efforts to save electricity and use greener energy sources can make a difference in the fight against climate change but many don’t know how they can help, which is fuelling hopelessness,” said Bart.

 “The bulb is a simple tool will glow green when the electricity in your local area is coming from clean energy sources,” said Bart. “The green glow will help consumers plan energy intensive activities such as doing the laundry at a time you know is better for the environment and feel positive about the progress that is being made towards clean energy.”

Bart believes that if consumers know that their actions are supported by larger system changes [..] everyone can make a difference.

Bart says the company welcomes the ambitious targets by the UK government on 20 April that aims to cut cut carbon emissions by 78% by 2035. this week.

“Promoting and spreading understanding into what is being done is key, as we need both big actions and small to make a difference,” said Bart. “COP26 is also a unique opportunity for us to drive more ambitious change towards that clean energy future – in the UK, north eastern US and internationally – and show that achieving net zero is possible with the technologies and opportunities we have today.”