September 19, 2021
General News

Capitol Police Officers Sue Trump and Allies Over Election Lies and Jan. 6

A few weeks after the election, the lawsuit says, a key organizer of the Stop the Steal movement that promoted false claims of election fraud, Ali Alexander, appeared at a rally outside the State Capitol in Georgia with the leader of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio. “We’re going to stop the steal,” the suit quotes Mr. Alexander as saying. “But first we’re going to stop the certification.”

Mr. Alexander’s lawyer, Baron Coleman, has repeatedly said his client is not under investigation in connection with the riot. Mr. Tarrio was not in Washington on Jan. 6 but was sentenced this week to five months in prison for possessing illegal weapons and burning a Black Lives Matter flag stolen from a historic Black church in Washington after a separate pro-Trump rally in December that also descended into violence.

The suit mentions other steps along the path to Jan. 6: In late…

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