November 15, 2021

Cardiology Department at Tiruchi GH conducts surgeries through new technology


The Department of Cardiology, Tiruchi Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Government Hospital, has conducted four Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) procedures last month.

The OCT machine, recently installed at the GH, allows for a three-dimensional view of blood vessels in the heart. This would permit doctors to determine the course of treatment for patients quickly, doctors said.

Addressing media persons, Dean, K. Vanitha said that an intra-vascular camera would be used to determine the location and length and breadth of a block in the arteries while an angiogram is being performed.

This would accurately determine the percentage of an arterial block. Depending upon the OCT, doctors would decide whether the patient needed a pacemaker or not. In the last fortnight alone, four such cases had been treated, she said.

The doctors can also see if there is calcium build-up and also check whether…

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