July 28, 2021

Carlos Melconian’s harsh forecast: “By the end of the year the dollar will be between $ 190 and $ 200”

Carlos Melconian said this Tuesday that Argentina will end the year with a dollar “Real” between $ 190 and $ 200. In addition, he warned that the Government will go to the legislative elections with an annual inflation of 50%, low wages, high poverty and a trickle of reserves.

The economist provided a dissertation in the celebration of the 44 years of the creation of the Mediterranean Foundation, a non-profit civil association created in the city of Córdoba at the initiative of local companies.

“We are going to arrive at the electoral process with a inflation 50% annual, although pre-election inflation will drop a bit. But you are going to vote with a tight dollar. Towards the end of the year, the exchange rate gap will be expressed in a real dollar of $ 190, $ 200,…

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