October 20, 2021

CASEY: Troutville woman receives suspicious DNA test kit in the mail | Local News

Was the test a scam? Or was it legit? For a few reasons, those are questions I cannot answer with absolute certainty. But there’s plenty of reason for caution, considering the circumstances.

Perhaps the best is a huge fraud prosecution the federal law enforcement authorities announced in September 2019. Dubbed “Operation Double Helix” after the shape of a DNA strand, it involved alleged fraudulent billings to Medicare for genetic tests of mostly elderly patients that — allegedly — their doctors had never ordered.

According to news reports about that case, Medicare paid out hundreds of millions of dollars from roughly $2 billion in allegedly fraudulent billings. Among the 35 people indicted were nine doctors spread over five different federal court jurisdictions, including Louisiana.

“The defendants allegedly targeted elderly, disabled and other vulnerable consumers, luring…

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