January 18, 2022
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Baidu Launches Robotaxi Service Outside Beijing. How ‘Fully Driverless’ Is It Vs. AutoX?

Baidu BIDU , the leading search engine in China, has launched a robotaxi service in Shougang Park - an industrial park on the outskirts of Beijing which will be a site for the 2022 winter Olympics. Baidu claims the service is “fully driverless” and will be the first service in China where members of the public can hail a paid robotaxi of th...
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The Future Of AI In Healthcare

Two AI luminaries, Fei-Fei Li and Andrew Ng got together today on YouTube, to discuss the state of AI in healthcare. Covid-19 has made healthcare a top priority for governments, businesses, and investors around the world and accelerated efforts to apply artificial intelligence to improving our health, from drug discovery to more efficient hospital ...
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For FarmWise’s Cofounders, Opportunity Was In The Weeds

Before the sun comes up over the rows of salad greens and cauliflower and other vegetables that blanket California’s farms, operators who have been trained to manage the hulking orange machines known Titan FT-35s load them up from the Salinas hub of Farmwise—a startup that offers robotic weeding as a service—and transport them via tractor-trailer t...
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Explaining Why Explainable AI (XAI) Is Needed For Autonomous Vehicles And Especially Self-Driving Cars

Our lives are filled with explanations. You go to see your primary physician due to a rather sore shoulder. The doctor tells you to rest your arm and avoid any heavy lifting. In addition, a prescription is given. You immediately wonder why you would need to take medication and also are undoubtedly interested in knowing what the medical diagnosis a...