October 19, 2021
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Amazon sales surge 44% in Q1 2021, beating expectations

Amazon.com Inc on Thursday reported its biggest profit ever as consumers turned to the online retailer for their shopping needs and businesses paid it more to warehouse and advertise their products. Shares rose four per cent in after-hours trade.Since the start of the U.S. coronavirus outbreak, shoppers have relied increasingly on Amazon for delive...
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Overcrowded orbit: how space tech is helping direct traffic around Earth

On October 6, 1957, Russia’s Sputnik 1 made history as man’s first satellite to reach into space. Today, an estimated 6,000 satellites are making the rounds in Earth’s lower orbit, along what has become a busy satellite superhighway. Private industry is driving a space boom. Over the next several years, companies like Amazon and SpaceX plan to laun...
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Bezos says Amazon should “do a better job for our employees” after union vote

EnlargeAlex Wong/Getty ImagesAmazon CEO Jeff Bezos used his final letter to Amazon shareholders to focus on employee well-being and the company’s significant carbon footprint. Bezos’ new emphasis on employee well-being comes on the heels of a contentious unionization vote at one of its warehouses in Bessemer, Alabama. Though Amazon won, with 1,798 ...