October 17, 2021
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Archaeologists found the site of Harriet Tubman’s family home

Enlarge / Julie Schablitsky searches for artifacts at the site. Tim Pratt, MDOTIn the years before the American Civil War, Harriet Tubman led dozens of enslaved people to freedom through the network of safe houses known as the Underground Railroad. During the war, she scouted, spied, and led military raids against Confederate forces. Now, archaeol...
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Africa’s first Iron Age culture had a sweet tooth

EnlargeChemical traces of 3,500-year-old beeswax on central Nigerian potsherds shed light on an often invisible aspect of ancient diets—and a bit about what fueled the culture that launched Africa’s Iron Age. These farmers were super into metal Terms like “Iron Age” only have meaning if you’re talking about a particular place, since periods of tech...
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Archaeologists find “lost golden city” buried under sand for 3,400 years

Enlarge / Egyptian archaeologists have discovered a 3400-year-old city just outside Luxor, dating back to the reign of Amenhotop III, grandfather to King Tut.Zahi HawassA team of Egyptian archaeologists has unearthed what some describe as an industrial royal metropolis just north of modern-day Luxor, which incorporates what was once the ancient Egy...
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Sex with Neanderthals was common for early Eurasian Homo sapiens, DNA says

EnlargeHajdinjak et al. 2020DNA from the earliest Homo sapiens in Europe adds more detail to the story of our species’ expansion into Eurasia—and our complicated 5,000-year relationship with Neanderthals. The earliest traces of our species in Eurasia are a lower molar and a few fragments of bone from Bacho Kiro Cave in Bulgaria, dating to between 4...