October 17, 2021
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Want to save an island’s coral reefs? Get rid of invasive rats

Enlarge / The stark surface of Redonda Island is turning green again.InvertzooHundreds of years ago, Europeans were sailing the globe and “discovering” new parcels of land—and rats came along with them as stowaways. As crews made landfall on many islands, rats hopped off and made themselves new homes. The rats prospered, out-competing, eating, or o...
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Denisovans may have met us in the Pacific

Enlarge / The home territory of New Guinea highland populations.Marc DozierThe inhabitants of the Pacific came in waves. Aboriginal Australians were the first to cross the area, and they were followed by separate populations that inhabited New Guinea and nearby island chains. Later still, the Polynesians, descendants of early East Asians, spread th...
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The big advance in Elon Musk’s Pong-playing monkey is what you can’t see

EnlargeOn Thursday, one of Elon Musk's companies, Neuralink, posted a video showing a monkey playing Pong using nothing but a brain implant connected wirelessly with the computer hosting the game. While it's a fantastic display of the technology, most of the individual pieces of this feat have been done before—in some cases, over a decade before. B...
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Want to worry about the next pandemic? Spillover.global has you covered

Enlarge / Researchers with Franceville interdisciplinary Medical Research Centre (CIRMF, Centre Interdisciplinaire Medical de Recherches de Franceville) collect samples from a bat on November 25, 2020 inside a cave in the Zadie region in Gabon. - Working in remote recesses in the hearth of the Gabonese forest, scientists scour caves populated by ba...