October 19, 2021
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Defining The Metaverse Today

How would you define the metaverse? Is it one metaverse? Is it multiple metaverses? Is the term metaverse the term we should use? Is the metaverse here, or is it being created? So many questions arise when one is asked to define the term metaverse. Defining the term in 2021 is not a simple task.  Google the term metaverse and you’ll find se...
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5 Lessons Of How An Entrepreneur Leveraged Marketing To Create A Large Biotech Company

In a prior article, I shared the story of Dr. Hengst, who grew up in Washington, Illinois, a population of roughly 16,000 people. From the rural countryside of Illinois, he went to a small, liberal arts college, Eureka College, and ultimately became a PhD. and multi-millionaire by co-founding, building, and selling a successful biotech firm. In...