October 20, 2021
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Who will win the self-driving race? Here are eight possibilities

EnlargeEmanuel M SchwermerThe self-driving technology industry is in a strange state right now. A number of companies have been pouring millions of dollars into self-driving technology for years, and many of them have prototype self-driving vehicles that seem to work. Yet I know of only one company—Waymo—that has launched a fully driverless commerc...
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Cruise industry salty over CDC plan to keep travelers safe from COVID at sea

Enlarge / YOKOHAMA, JAPAN - FEBRUARY 10: A member of the media wears a face mask while walking past the Diamond Princess cruise ship.Getty | Carl CourtThe cruise industry is rather salty about the latest federal guidance for safe pandemic sailing, calling it “burdensome” and “unworkable. “ The new guidance is an updated phase of the Framework for C...