November 15, 2021
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Our Attention Economy Gives Abusers a Free Pass – InsideSources

Seemingly frivolous internet stars like James Charles and David Dobrik play a significant role in our culture, especially since adults have better things to do than pay attention to TikTok star drama. Kids crave authenticity in an age of make-believe, and the informal and confessional nature of YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter grants a degree of authe...

Dollar falls after Friday’s surge as U.S. data disappoints

The dollar slipped against a basket of currencies on Monday, ceding some of the ground gained in the previous session, as U.S. Treasury yields retreated and lackluster data weighed on the American currencyU.S. manufacturing activity grew at a slower pace in April, likely constrained by shortages of inputs amid pent-up demand unleashed by rising vac...

Bastion Balance Seoul, Korea: Moving Forward

Bastion Balance Seoul, Korea - Moving Forward Due to inflation, there is an increase in the general price level of goods, the exact reverse of deflation. For products (like a piece of bread) and amenities (like having a trim at the barber's), more cash would have to be paid for. Economic experts routinely calculate inflation to grasp the state of ...