August 5, 2021
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German Greens make election pledge to meet climate goals

BERLIN (AP) — With less than two months before Germany holds an election, the environmentalist Green party announced a 10-point plan Tuesday that puts the Paris climate accord’s goal at the heart of its election program.Among the measures proposed is the creation of a dedicated Climate Ministry that would have the power to veto government decisions...

Big Economic Challenges Await Biden and the Fed This Fall

WASHINGTON — The U.S. economy is heading toward an increasingly uncertain autumn as a surge in the Delta variant of the coronavirus coincides with the expiration of expanded unemployment benefits for millions of people, complicating what was supposed to be a return to normal as a wave of workers re-entered the labor market.That dynamic is creating ...

Could a Digital Dollar Bolster the US Economy?

Economies all around the world are facing roadblocks in the form of escalating national debts and threats of inflation, but a digital dollar may be a saving grace for the U.S. Macroeconomics expert and Soundwise founder, Natasha Che, has postulated why a Federal Reserve-issued digital USD token could change the fate of America. ...

Universal broadband coverage could add $160B annually to US economy

The news: A national high-speed internet initiative providing universal, reliable internet may add $160 billion per year to the US economy, according to a new study conducted by The Aspen Economic Strategy Group (AESG), per Bloomberg.The study—based on national survey data of more than 43,000 US working adults—determined that universal high-quality...