October 19, 2021
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China Holds Promise For Global Businesses Despite Uneven Covid Recovery: Authors

It seemed like a ready China business-book hit: Juan Antonio Fernandez and Laurie Underwood, two business professors in China, last year updated their successful book from 2006 “China CEO” with a new look at how foreign companies have been faring in the country’s fast-growing economy. “China CEO II” highlights hiring, digitalization and consumer po...
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17 Of The Best Tequilas (And 4 Superb Mezcals) To Try Right Now

“Did you know that Filipino slaves—the ones brought to Mexico by the Galleon Trade—taught Mexicans to distill?” No. No, I did not. That was how my first phone call with Rebecca Quiñonez, a longtime spirits educator, started. In that moment, I felt massive shame that I had zero clue that the agave spirits I enjoy today were in fact a product of...