October 20, 2021
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Is ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Really Going To Outlive ‘The Walking Dead’?

Fear the Walking Dead continues its pandemic-delayed season tonight with another episode, this one presumably focusing on the coming conflict with the mysterious group that keeps spray painting dire messages around the world and may or may not have access to a nuclear submarine. But now the show is in a weird situation where as far as we know, i...
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One Of The Best First-Person Shooters Ever Made Is Free On Steam This Weekend

What can I say about Titanfall 2? It was criminally underrated. It didn’t sell nearly enough copies thanks to the fact that EA released it at the wrong time and didn’t market the game nearly enough. It’s one of the only games I’ve given a perfect score to, in part because its campaign is absolutely phenomenal; in part because its multiplayer is ...
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Netflix’s ‘The Circle’ Season 2 Has The Same Problem As Season 1

We are heading into the finale of The Circle season 2 this week, the reality show I am weirdly attached to on Netflix, despite not really being into the genre otherwise. And while I have enjoyed this season, as of this week’s batch of episodes, it’s pretty easy to see that The Circle season 2 has effectively the same problem as season 1 when it com...