October 17, 2021
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Citi: No energy “supercycle” – MacroBusiness

Via an unhappy AFR: “I see [the current price crisis] as a temporary phenomenon,” Mr Morse told The Australian Financial Review from his New York base, from where he will speak by videolink to the Citi Australia Investment Conference on Thursday. “We think that at current prices, oil and gas… are super-abundant even with the restrictions put in ...
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Russia’s Vladimir Putin talks energy and geopolitics

8:10 am: Putin claims Nord Stream 2 is a 'purely commercial project,' dismiss criticism as nonsenseRussia's Putin has rejected criticism of the contentious Nord Stream 2 pipeline as "nonsense," describing the undersea pipeline as a "purely commercial project."Nord Stream 2 is designed to deliver Russian gas directly to Germany via the Baltic Sea, b...
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Book Review: The Road to Balance in Asia Pacific

One of the defining factors of twenty-first-century world politics is the yin-yang philosophy of China-US relations. This unique coupling in the political, economic, and security-military spheres can make or break the global order, explains the NUST scholar Dr. Atia Ali Kazmi in her insightful book, The Road to Balance in the Asia Pacific: Geopolit...